Preparation season 2018

Non-stop training for this years season 2018, for the PWA world tour and a NEW tour ‘’IWT’’ International Windsurf Tour. First event of this year will be the IWT tour in the United States in
North Carolina(Cape Hatteras).

The PWA world tour freestyle will start in Fuerteventura(Canary Islands), this first tour stop is my favorite place on tour. The strong winds and rough conditions shows 100% pure radical freestyle action! I’ve been training myself in all kinds of deferent conditions to be ready for what ever mother nature has to send my way within the competition.

I’m feeling fit and confident, hungry & ready for what is to come!

Photo by Lorenzo Mittiga.

Daily ground, Jibe City beach.

The place where you will find me on a daily basis is this beach right here, Jibe City!
Jibe City is the local windsurf school where I grew up since a little kid, this is the place I am lucky enough to call home.

Ambassador Bonaire Windsurf kids

The number one thing to keep our sport going is our future generations, that’s why I support with all my power to motivate and stimulate the windsurf kids of Bonaire in every way I can.

By being an idol of one of the biggest sports on the island windsurfing, I got involved with a project/foundation supporting youngsters with troubled situations on Bonaire called FORSA.

Windsurfing Lac Cai

Lac cai is our Bonaire wave-jumping spot right outside of Lac Bay(Sorobon).

The spot is perfect for port tack jumping, an awesome spot for me to practice my freestyle jumps.

Photo by Ayupic

Windsurfing Red slave beach

Down on the South side of the island we have a beach named red slave, named after the redslave huts that are still standing as monument of the history of Bonaire. On a lucky day there is an awesome wave breaking, perfect for starboard tack wave riding.

Gym work

On a daily basis I am always working on pushing my limits, either on the water doing freestyle moves or in a workout pushing my condition, stamina & strength.

Photography by Lorenzo Mittiga

An amazing photographer to work with is Lorenzo, he’s always ready for something new and radical!.

Next to that I see in every session that I have his 100% trust, I am getting so close to his camera lens, I can almost kiss the lens!

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