Since its release in spring 2017 there has been much talk in the social networks and in the windsurfing shops about this revolutionary board range, at least strange and different from the others.

Starting from the tail the first third part of the board is rigid – an high density PVC sandwich composite + carbon and bamboo reinforcements – with sharp edges, footpads and straps inserts exactly like a regular freeride board, while the remaining two thirds are made of inflatable material, particularly reinforced, including the inserts for the mast foot.

We’ve heard and read many opinions, the most of them without having tried before in the water one of the two models (129 and 140), some enthusiastic for the opportunity to be able to fold and transport the board in a trolley that can be lodged in the trunk of a car, or being comfortably transported by bus, train and so on.

The creation and distribution of a dedicated rig, with a 5-pieces mast, a 3-pieces boom and a light but performing sail, has completed the “two easy bags” package.

We were aware from the outset that all the hours spent designing, testing various prototypes and testing mass production procedures that would enhance the characteristics, would lead to the definition of a unique product, as in addition to the already mentioned comfort of transport: we knew that the Duo Wind performs!

We are simply excited to start receiving since a few months, enthusiast messages especially related to the water performance of the Duo Wind!

But let’s analyze in detail how, where and why the Duo Wind is probably the free ride with the most polyvalence / performance ratio on the market.


There are no free ride boards on the market, therefore suitable for the fun of an entire family, with these unique characteristics of portability.

A trolley bag with the dimensions of 130x80x15cm. contains the board and its accessories.

The trolley has some straps to be carried on the shoulders keeping hands free!

Also the Duo sail is foldable and stowed on to its designed compact backpack together with the rig components. You can carry all the rig on your shoulders and easily drag your trolley with your board thanks to its wheels….and enjoy the easiest windsurfing experience!


It looks like an inflatable sup, but it is significantly faster to inflate: within a minute the board is ready! Just mount the fin in its Power Box, screw the mast foot, attach the rig and go.


The Duo Winds starts planning as any free ride board in the same volume range: in some cases it can even be faster thanks to the generous volume in the nose that allows the board to overtake very quickly the wave created by itself, starting to plane.

Feet in the straps, sail closed on the deck and immediately you perceive the character: when gliding the only part immersed is the rigid one therefore the inflatable section does not create any kind of disturbance.

The inflatable nose section helps especially in cases where you are distracted or you are learning to plane and it may happens a catapult, causing strong hits due to the mast or the boom that slams on the board: it can cause major breakages on all the composite boards.

Top speeds are definitely high! Crosswind, upwind and downwind, the Duo Wind is impressing all those who bought it or have just tested it, for the incredible speed performances it can reach.

In the last Defi Wind our French rider Hervè Bastide finished 255 over 1200 riders, leaving on his back hundreds of slalom boards!

Now let’s talk about maneuverability: if it’s expected that a 130 liters board curves and jumps like a wave board, it’s wrong at the start.

But if a board of this size really performs planning jibes in a very tight curve, allowing quietly any variant of the maneuver, such as one-hand or duck jibe, we are confident that we are talking about the Duo Wind!

Once you learn how to push in the right areas of the tail you realize how simple it is to jibe and how much the boards is even preparatory to learn and/or improve this fundamental transition.

Without the hassle of ruining it because of the inevitable hits of the rig on the board the first few times, we can concentrate exclusively on the maneuver itself!

The same goes for the tack: super easy, thanks to its compact shape, the generous width and the large pad on the deck that never let you slide.

The large pad will also be fundamental for learning the waterstart, avoiding any risk of damaging the rig on the anti-skid that normally characterizes the composite boards.


The Duo Wind is a freeride and at first it must be fun, fast and easy to turn: if it’s also able to make us have fun jumping it’s even better!

A small one foot chop is enough to jump and allow you to learn how to manage a board in flight, probably the most unique experience that windsurfing can give.

If then the rider’s level rises…just take a look at Kauli’s photos in Ho’okipa: backloops and forward loops, all sail away.

And if you think “Kauli is a professional rider…it’s easy for him to do all those jumps!” we may answer ok, it’s easier for him, but the board too must allow that kind of jumping performance.

It’s not a board created to jump but sure it does it very well!


The Duo Wind boards were designed foil oriented. Foiling is the new era in windsurfing: the feeling of flying on a windsurf board is something unique.

The reason why Duo Wind boards are perfect to start foil windsurfing is simple: during foil windsurfing one of the most common things that can happen and that could cause unpleasant consequences is the cavitation of the foil followed by a sudden nose dive.

The thin nose of the modern free ride and slalom boards dives easily if the board goes down very quickly, due to a sudden loss of lift of the foil or an error in control by the windsurfer.

The Duo Wind boards have an added soft bow volume which will prevent any major injuries in case of such a catapult.

While you’re flying, the Duo Boards has a perfect straps placement, allowing a total control and letting enjoy the ride

And “dulcis in fundo”…THE DUO RIG

A few words must be spent on the innovative DUO RIG.

To complete the “easy transport” concept, last year we decided to create a rig to make the boards really complete and to make them perform at their best.

A 5 pieces 30% carbon mast, a 3 pieces aluminium 160-200 vario boom, an extension and a dacron/monofilm sail – choice between 5.3 or 6.3 – are the component of the rig.

Our innovative MSS (mast-sleeveless-system) without the mast sleeve allow the DUO sail a super-light-feel and very easy handling on your water starting as well as standing up-haulling start-ups avoiding draining out water.

The short-batten system helps the sail light-weight and to be incredibly very fast rig & de-rig, immediately foldable and stowed on to its designed compact backpack together with the rig components.

And it performs too! On a free ride board it’s simply perfect for fun rides, with a great manouverability attitude.

You can carry all the rig on your shoulders, easily drag your trolley with your board thanks to its wheels….and enjoy the easiest windsurfing experience!


The Duo Wind boards are more “transport friendly” than any other windsurf board, perform like any other free ride board (and sometimes are faster), carve like any other free ride board, jump like any other free ride board…and in foil windsurfing are even better than any other free ride board.

Just go and try it. You’ll be a part of the new windsurfing revolution.

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