Hi Deivis! Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey I am Deivis Paternina from Venezuela. I live on Isla Magarita in el Yaque.

El Yaque is a small village where we have good wind all over the year.

10 years ago El Yaque was know all over the World for the good wind and Windsurf condition, there were comming many tourits from all over the world.

Photos: Squitieri/CANON

Today my country is in a crisis because of a criminal govermentand we dont have many tourists anymore. But still I live here and with this conditions I can train every day.

Every day is sunny, perfect wind and super good condtions for freestyle.

Now I am 24 years old and working every day to become one of the best sailors in the world.

Who inspired you to start windsurfing?

I started windsurfing when I was 12 years old, in el Yaque, Venezuela, where I’m still living and windsurfing every single day.

I am lucky to live at the one of the most popular spots of the world, this is where I started, watching famous guys like Gollito, Diony and Yoli training.

That cought my attention so much that couldn’t stop training myself to complete my dream – Pro Windsurfer career.

I’m on my way and not planning to stop!

Freestyle brings you around the World, visiting amazing spots: which one is your fav out of Isla Margarita?

I’ve been in many spots during my windsurf career, but the place that I love the most beside my homespot is Tarifa, in the south of Spain.

It offers amazing condition and many different spots, also the nature there is amazing, the people, the food and of course the nightlife.

How about the situation in Venezuela? Is it still getting worst as we can hear?

Well, I am living on Margarita and here is always different from the rest of Venezuela.

It is more safe here. We still have some tourists here from Europe and all over the World.

But for normal people here in Venezuela is getting really difficult. Also the political situation here is that the socialist goverment want to put the Country in a dictorship and they are on good way to do it. I hope Venezuela gets free one day from this slavery.

Your favorite moves?

Shove it spock , Pasko , Air funnel, kabicuchi, Shifty and Culo.

Which one is the move that mostly drove you crazy during the practice…and why?

Double Air Culo: I am training hardly this move for long time now and all the time I’m close to get it. Every day I push my limits for this move, many riders are doing it already so I need to get this move, I need to keep the same level like all the Top guys.

We see a lot of photos of you making crazy aerial moves pretty close to the photographer…Did it happened that something went…wrong?

Last year I was doing some pictures with Tom Brendt, I jumped really closed to him and crashed with my sail at him, but in the end nothing happend.

I always try not to hurt the photographer.

Which boards do you ride? …And which one is your fav?

I ride the Novenove Style Pro 92. I choosed this board because it’s really short and for me this board have the best rotation. Since I use this board my level went up a lot. Also the board is really easy to ride and perfect for all the new moves.

I am really happy to be in the Novenove team!

Do you participate to the R&D of the new boards?

I’m not, Youp Schmit and Nico are working on the shape of the boards.

Those guys are doing an amazing job, I can see the results every day when I am training with this board.

Freestyle is more ‘talent’ or ‘commitment and constancy’? I mean, may a not talented windsurfer be a top freestyler only thanks to his dedication and constant work in and out of the water?

To be a good freestyler you need some talent but also a lot of training in the water and a lot of other exercise like going to the gym, to stay in good physical conditions.

For me it was not easy when i started freestyle windsurfing but I tryed to push every day and motivate myself with videos, to improve every day.

3 advices for young windsurfers that want to start a freestyler career.

-Try to be on the water as much as you can and you will see you will get the level.

-Don’t get fustrated, learn the moves can take a lot of time

-Try to be positive, Strong and of course keep the Good Vibes Rolling!!

What’s your goal for this year?

My goal for this year is to be in the top 10, I train hard for this and I hope I will reach the result.

The World Tour just have 3 competition this year and one heat is just 7 minutes, so I also need some luck. But i am focused for this year to show the best I can in these 7 minutes!

Is there something more you would say the the readers of “99flavor”?

I hope the people who are reading the magazine will see that Novenove is already one of the best brands and not a small size brand anymore. And that Novenove is already producing high class windsurf equipment.

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