He lives in St. Barth with his wife Delphine (2018 PWA Slalom World Champion), he’s got plenty of experience and racing skills, he’s tremendously fast, his sail number is FRA-99: ladies and gentlemen we are pleased to introduce you monsieur Antoine Questel!

Hi Antoine! Who inspired you to start windsurfing?
I started windsurfing on my island St-Barth with my uncle who lives close to me and practice this amazing sport since long time ago.

You live in a wonderful place: are there many spot to train in different conditions?
Unfortunately it s not the best place of the world to train in slalom because it s often the same conditions but it s really good to improve your technic in wavy conditions.
For the windfoil this is a real pleasure to turn around the island. Even if it s often wavy in certain areas, with the foil you can sail easily, I like that !!

Can you describe a regular training day?
Gym early morning monday to friday and slalom or foil training during few hours just after the gym or just after the lunch.

Does your wife train with you? Who wins?….:))
Yes every time we train together especially to improve our jibes! About the speed, she is really fast this year…but I’m still faster 😉

Regarding trim equipment and training, are you extremely precise and meticulous…I mean “millimeter fanatic” or not?
At my level, the settings on the boards and the sails are extremely precise to be as comfortable as possible ! For example on a board or a sail, 3 more or less millimeters is already a big change especially in hard conditions.

We all know you are one of the top Foil riders: what about the future of this discipline?
I’m happy to be back on a new discipline with olympics races ! That reminds me few years ago in Formula! It is a very young discipline, there is a lot of things to do and I think we are in the right direction. I am already impressed by the number of riders who use a foil when the wind is light. 2019 will be interesting to see his evolution.

It’s your first season with I-99…how do you feel using new board?
I felt me confident with my new machines after few weeks of sailing with them! The combo S2Maui and I99 is really good ! Looking forward to be on the first start of the first PWA in south of France.

Which boards do you ride? And which one is your fav?
I use:
– Aero Pro
– World Cup slalom 99
– World Cup slalom 119
– World Cup slalom 139, which is my favorite board.

Are you involved in the new models’ R&D?
Yes, we will try some prototype boards slalom and foil in the next few days.

Out of racing events months, every windsurfing day is “a training day” for you or you still like to enjoy sometimes a session in the water just for the pure pleasure of windsurfing? If yes, when you did it lately?
When I go out for slalom or foil it’s of course a training day because for me it’s a pleasure to push my limit to find the best tuning to go faster! But when I go for wave sailing it’s only for pleasure even if I am always trying to improve my moves and style !

It seems that you really like wave sailing… 
Yes, like a lot of windsurfers;)

What s your goal for this year?
Simple…Top 5!

Is there something more you would say the the readers of 99flavor ?
Enjoy each windsurf session!

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