Recently classified on top of Surf Magazin test in its category, we have the pleasure to present you the brand new I-99 Style Pro Wave. You can call it freestyle wave or bump & jump: it’s simply an extremely fun shape, with a modern compact design, fast and with a lot of carving and jumping potential.

The Style Pro Wave is born in Tarifa, the perfect spot to find different conditions: flat, choppy, wavy, light to nuclear winds. The designer and shaper is Finian Maynard, assisted by the team during the R&D and all the technical testing.

The concept of the new Style Pro Wave was to make an early planning fast board that goes with ease through rough chop but on the other side the goal was to have it feeling loose and free to be able to get some fun wave rides.
The range of people that can use this board is really wide because it’s very easy to sail like a bump & jump board, for higher wind on the lakes as well as an onshore wave/style board.

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The Style Pro Wave is a very different board then a regular free ride, because of the compact outline and straight rail outlined to its wider tail. The wider tail gives it the ultra stable feel and extra pop for jumping. The fin placement is also different to conventional boards: it’s quite a bit further back and there is less area behind the fin for easy turns and back-foot pressure.

The Style Pro Wave can pretty much do it all and comparing to a normal freeride board with the same volume and will feel a little more live under the feet when cruising along. The stance area is a bit more bump and jump / wave oriented on the two smallest sizes (86 and 95).

When a board planes the only part of it that touches the water starts under the front foot until the tail. Rocker line makes the most of it. In the Style Pro Wave, according with the shaper, we have used a big part of our World Cup Slalom rocker line, to achieve top performances in terms of speed. Differently from a freeride board, the rails and the volume distribution guarantee the perfect blend between speed and manouvers.

The rails are floaty but a bit lower than a regular freeride; the deck shape in the footstraps area, together with the fin placement, help the rider to guarantee the maximum response to the pressure allowing great carving.

To simplify the characteristics of the new Style Pro Wave here there are its key points:
Compact outline
Wide tail
Very far back fin placement
Fast rocker line
Floaty rail with drop off rail in the tail.

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This board series is pretty fun to sail with in many conditions, from ultra flat water cruising or trying your first freestyle tricks, to bump and jump action on a windy day on your local lake, to some fun wave or choppy sailing on the sea.
We even sailed the boards in side offshore conditions where they were surprisingly fun and performing so well. Average sails range is from 6.8 down to 4.2 depending on the weights.

For the heaviest windsurfer that needs a wave board the choice can’t be over 100/105 liters,
but in the 115 liters category you can have fun in the small waves or light wind days.

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You can control it perfectly in the heaviest chops, you can achieve almost all the jumps, you can ride a wave backside and frontside, you can do aerials in side to side-off conditions. We must say that it’s better not to enter in the bowl of a wave pretending the same carving and grip attitude of a real wave board…but definitely yes, you can have some serious fun!

Our French team headed by Patrick Vigouroux has tested the Style Pro Wave in one of the toughest conditions available in Europe: a nuclear windy Guincho, Portugal! Even on a 95lts. board and his pretty low weight, Patrick was able to achieve incredible jumps and rides on the heavy Portuguese beach break.

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The Style Pro Wave is actually really nice to use as a light wind wave board especially in spots where planning is important: it turns amazingly well thanks to the small area behind the back foot: it’s not a drivy carving beast like the KS or the Chameleon, but it’s more like a “skaty” style of sailing and really fun in less then ideal conditions.

These boards can really improve riders’ skills as they are designed to do everything as easy as possible for the given conditions that they are meant to be used in: a carving jibe or a bottom-turn feels really natural and easy, as well as sailing in choppy conditions. The Style Pro Wave boards stay really stable and easy to control where other boards start to bounce around!

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All brands are oriented in compact/stubby shapes: outlines with parallel rails, squared noses and tails, for sure interesting but less harmonic instead of we use to think about a windsurf board dedicated to maneuvers and a nice approach in the waves. We wanted a compact shape, in perfect trend with the market, but a bit more curvy, with a more classic nose.

The distinctive features of the Style Pro Wave are the way it goes through choppy conditions like butter and it’s a really fun board in a super wide range of conditions. Its characteristic makes it really performing in conditions like a typical North wind in Garda Lake too.

The wide tail outline and the tail shape itself are also very distinctive for the Style Wave Pro and it’s one of the main point that makes this board so fun to ride.

ph. Tommy Della Frana

For each model we have choosen the best possible trifin set up, rigorously MFC, with US central fin on the smallest sizes (86 and 95) and Power Box on the biggest sizes (104 and 113). Together with the large and truly comfortable pads, and two steps forward graphics, we are proud to say that the Style Pro Wave series is absolutely unique!

For all the riders who are looking for a board that handles a wide range of conditions and is looking for a board that handles really well in choppy conditions or in less then ideal bump and jump/wave conditions, the Style Pro Wave is absolutely the way forward.

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