Hi again, I’m back with the first chapter of the Training Series. In this chapter I’ll talk about the warm up.

This is applicable both before going for a windsurfing session and before going to the gym. The first thing to say is that you always have to warm up your body before any sport activity because is much easier to injure yourself if you start straight. The reason is that our muscles and fibers are much more fragile and easy to damage when cold. Raise a hand who didn’t experienced a pulled muscle while putting downhaul to the sail, especially with slalom sails…

But don’t worry, you don’t need a lot of time to warm up. In just a few minutes you can “start” your body and be ready for high intensity activity.

If you go to the gym you have few options and exercises to warm up:

10′ of static bike ? easy way to start any gym session
10′ rowing machine ? very good option because you warm up the whole body together
5′ jumps with the rope + 5′ squat ? you can easily do it also at home

If you are at the beach you can use the rigging routine as a part of the warm up: lifting the board, rigging the sails, taking your kit to the beach will help you to prepare, but before hitting the water, it’s good to warm up your body a bit more. An exercise that you can easily do wherever is the normal squat. If you make like 30 repetitions

Ok, now the most expected moment came, and you are on the water but, how to “organize” the session? I think I can say that on average, if you are in shape, a session shouldn’t last more than 2 hours. After this time, if you are practicing new moves or waveriding, you gradually loose your coordination, you get more and more tired and you won’t learn much more.

Out of this 2 hours, the first, say, 10-15 min should be also kind of a warming up, but already on the water: going back and forth, surfing a little bit but not pushing too much.

Than you can get to the most intense part of the session gradually. Now it’s the moment to practice new stuff!!!

At a certain point, if you keep “observing” your body, you will notice that you start to be tired when you start falling more, failing moves that you normally do…and that’s the moment when you want to stop the session.

Of course 2 hours is too short if you only have one day on the water among many other at the office. The solution is making 2 sessions. It’s always better to sail for example 2 hours go out, rest, eat something, relax a bit and than hit the water again. Much better that staying on the water 4 hours in a row.

That’s it for this time. Stay tuned if you want to know more about training!
Thanks to: the Hurricane Hotel Gym and Sylvain Moreau (iBody Tarifa) for the help and advise.

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