– Hola Ramón! Please, introduce yourself to our followers..

Well my history is long but in few lines I come from BCN where I stared windsurf 20 years ago.

During all this time I’ve never been out of the water more than a month. I moved to Gran Canaria and after some years I discovered that Tarifa is one of the best spots in Europe to train Slalom, freestyle, wave and now foil !.

Now I’m 37 years old and have the same feeling than before when I started windsurf.

With the new foil discipline I have got addicted to fly. The foil provides me new sensations and I discovered that our playground here is bigger than I thought. Now I sail more than 70km a day upwind and downwind around Tarifa. The ocean fells small now!

I am working with Monty Spindler in R&D area for Loftsails and I joined i-99 2 years ago to help Cesare and Finian to test all new photos from all our amazing range.

Photo by Xavier Torres

– Who inspired you to start windsurfing?

In my memories I was a Dunky fan. He was a real waterman and idol for me all time always on top of every discipline in the windsurfign tour and I tried to follow him in my windsurf career. Now dreaming to be on top one day and I hope that sonn will come nice results for me in the foil discipline.

Photo by PWA/John Carter

– The PWA World Tour’s Asian leg is behind already. Which are your first impressions of the World Cup Slalom boards and the Aero Pro Foil performance?

This year was the windiest Asian tour ever. We went to the water to compete most of the days in Japan and Korea where it was really windy for foil and even for Slalom.

In Slalom I’m really happy to be competitive this year. I have classified to most of the Quarters and close to advance to semifinals rounds. The target for me is to be in the top 20. I feel that I have improved a lot this year and will se now in costa brava and Fuerteventura what happens in foil discipline.

Japan was the first foil competition for me and Maciek and me used the new i-99 Aero Pro foil board for the first time against the fleet. After some heats in Korea I felt my racing improved and advanced in all finals except one that I got a crash in the last 50m.

After these two events we know our Aero Pro foil board is one of the best race foil boards on the tour. Maciek is doing good results on it !

Photo by PWA/John Carter

– Do you think you’ve found the perfect tuning for your boards or you believe that there’s more margin to improve?

All the team is working to find the best tuning for the boards moving the footstraps position, mast track, foil rake, fins, etc. I’ve been training especially hard on the foil in Tarifa head to head with Gonzalo Costa almost every day but still a lot to improve!

– Which one is your fav between the WCSL that you own…and why?


I m really proud of my WCSL this year I m in love with my combo 129 and 8,6 is really easy to control in power up conditions and feels fast in light conditions the rest of my quiver is amazing too but I like to sail n high wind and heavy conditions with my WCSL 89 and 6,3. I fly!

– What’s the atmosphere inside the Team?

Is great to have Benny on the team this year is more easy to go training together and work to find the best setup for our gear. Maciek comes often to tarifa to test with me the new Aero Pro board and is nice to know him more in R&D side. He is full of great ideas and a lot of knowledge from his previous years in all the disciplines.

– Did Maciek’s performances surprised or did you think he was already so competitive?

I believe that it’s gonna be great year for him he is in really good form and already showed us that can be on top every event. Only needs better luck and continue the good work.

– In addition to being an athlete, what is your role in the I-99 team?

Like I said my role is to be eyes and ears in Tarifa for i-99 and I work with Finian testing all boards one by one to try to bring to the market the best products for all windsurfers.

– Is there something more you would say the the readers of “99flavor”?

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Photos by PWA/John Carter

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