This year we have been surprised with a last minute confirmation of the PWA Women only event in Moulay, Morocco, together with the IWT/PWA Qualifier for men.

With only three weeks to go, all the girls made their best to be there. Surprisingly we where 16 women for the PWA event and around 80 for the IWT.

I was looking forward for the event to be confirmed because for once I could go with my van directly and enjoy a small surf trip to the PWA competition, 2 in 1!!!

The event was super well organized by Boujmaa Gouillol, the well know local rider, and his team.

The journey started with the ferry across the Gibraltar Strait with Lina (Erpenstein) who was in Tarifa training. All in one day we made it to Moulay driving about 9 hours straight through Morocco’s northern part to Essaouira. Meanwhile the IWT was running its finals with the incredible performance of the top riders, finished with Antoine Martin winning, Morgan Noireaux 2nd and Boujmaa Goullioul 3rd.

Two more days of training in mid to big conditions to get comfortable with the spot and the competition week started. The forecast was looking epic, even too epic…

We had the chance to run the single elimination on the 3rd day of the competition with very light winds and logo high waves, on our biggest gear.

The result after the single was 1st Iballa Ruano, 2nd Sara Quita Offringa, 3rd Daida Ruano. I ended up 7th which is actually kind of a good result for me.

Duncan Cobbs, the PWA race director, made the right call as the next days the forecast was changing and massive. And so it has been…

On the 4th day no heats could be run, the waves were breaking already thousands of meters off shore and had a size of more than two masts breaking all over. Everybody has been watching the Ocean all day long that day. Just a couple of people managed to pass the giants and were looking kind of comfortable out there, big Boujmaa and another local guy and very good rider Soufiane Sahli.

We were expecting to be able to run the double elimination in some of the last days, and there was a full day trying but the waves were still big and the wind too light most of the time, so difficult to make it a fair competition. I was impressed by the level of the girls and that gives a lot of motivation to keep going!

Aside from the competition, also the rest of the trip has been awsome.

I found local people very nice and gentle, always willing to help. The town of Essaouira is incredibly beautiful, you can’t stop taking pictures in every corner. Also I very much recommend Morocco in spring the landscape is super green, much more beautiful than it is in other seasons. And to conclude the trip I had a great surfing day with the girls on the south of Essaouira with Lena (Erdil) and Caterina (Stenta), with some perfect glassy waves and a home made couscus straight after, that is about as good as it can get!

I really hope the event will be run also for the years to come!!!

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