Hi Matias! Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Matias Komokallio, im 21 years old and I live in southern Finland. I have been windsurfing over 10 years and it has always been my passion no matter what!

Hey, big congrats! Tell us about the Event you won last summer!

Yeah thanks! It was my first windsurfing event ever and it could not have gone any better haha! The EMV Ristna Wave Classic is the biggest wave windsurfing event in Baltic and all the top riders from baltic Countries comes there! We had really nice conditions during the event, pure sideshore (even a bit more side-offshore) with 2m glassy waves! I was riding on my 79lts. KS model and it was the perfect board for those kind of conditions!

When did you start windsurfing?

First time i tried windsurfing i was about 8 years old but i think i truly started windsurfing more when i was 9-10 years old. My dad was teaching me with many years of windsurfing experience so i always had opportunity to go windsurfing when i wanted(if it wasnt freezing cold)!

Is it wave riding your favourite windsurfing discipline or are you addicted to others?

Yes, my favourite discipline is definately wave, also freestyle to get more days on the water if there is not that much wind/waves. Freestyle is also really good practise for wave tricks such as 360´s, takas and shakas etc.

What’s your favourite move?

My favourite move at the moment on the wave is wave 360 and backside 360: in jumping my favourite move is backloop. I learned a lot this summer since i spent the whole summer in Gran Canary.

Do you have a favourite board? And why?

My favourite board is Novenove 79lts. KS model, it just gives me so much power for wave riding and it has really good control on a wave moves and also its easy to slide throught takas/shakas. I’m receiving 2019 71lts. KS model soon and I really have big hopes for that board since the 79 works like a dream!

You live in a pretty cold Country: how long is the windsurfing season there?

Yes Finland is not the best country for windsurfing but we do okay in here! Our season starts usually in March or as soon as ocean is not frozen anymore and season usually lasts until end of December! Best conditions in Finland are in September to December but in November it starts to get really cold but we are grateful that wetsuits are nowadays really high quality and you can basically windsurf as long as temperature is not below 0 celsius.

Which are the most interesting spot in your Country?

Best windsurfing spots in Finland are in Pori (western Finland) but we dont usually get many windy days there during a season. Hanko (in southern Finland) is more windy and has also pretty nice spots to windsurf. I live close to Helsinki so its really fast and easy to go windsurfing in Estonia even for one day! In Estonia there are really good spots for windsurfing and it only takes 2 hours to go from Helsinki to Estonia!

Have you visited some International spots? Which one impressed you mostly?

I have spent a lot of time especially during summers in Tenerife/Gran Canary, it’s my favourite spot for training because you get to windsurf in high wind conditions almost every day!! Also Denmark (Klitmöller/Hanstholm) is really fun place to windsurf, its probably the place which has impressed me mostly especially how hardcore (and sometimes even a bit scary) it gets when the wind is over 40 knots!

Have you planned to become a Pro windsurfer or have you different goals for the future?

One of my dreams/goal for future is definately competing in PWA wave World Cup. I’m starting my engineering studies in Helsinki but I will be able to squeeze in some trips and of course windsurf in Finland/Estonia every time there is enough wind to get closer to my dream!

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