The first trick for the push tweak is to approach the ramp with speed and try to shoot yourself straight up but already initiating a back rotation, and once you feel like you are very upside down you should start pushing your back hand to open the sail and stall the rotation of the body and then you initiate the move of the sail starting to get back winded and to push you back around on the rotation.

There is a very important step while you open the sail upside down , the trick to stay tweak is to push hard the back hand opening the sail and at the same time try to bring the front hand ( the one closer to the mast) closer to your body, kind of sideways to your heap and at the same time you must remember to bring your board towards a table top position and don’t worry about getting back around because normally if you push hard on you back hand it will automatically bring your sail on the upright position again and normally the tweak starts to undo if you do if very upside down!!!

If you do it more sideways and not so much straight vertical then it can stop a bit the rotation and you must work more to bring your board back around ( it would be safer to try because you don’t take the risk to crash over the sail like the upside down types , but then your rotation also gets compromised because you will miss the pop from the sail been backwinded.

This move feels a lot like a goiter in the air but you use the back wind power to make the rotation instead of the goiter that you use the power of the wave to rotate.

Landing should come natural like a push loop landing!!

Photos: Fish Bowl Diaries
Video footage: Olaf Crato

Jump straight up vertical

Initiate a back rotation

Look backwards and hold on, try to be as most upside down ( vertical) as possible.

Start pushing your back hand

Bring your board towards a table top position

Push hard the back hand

Keep pushing hard opening the sail

Bring the front hand ( mast ) close to the body to start to get back winded !

Your sail will flip automatically on the upright position again

Almost done


Aloha and have a good try!!

Kauli BRA253

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