Exclusively for the 99Flavor Bulletin readers, a few words with Finian Maynard KV 11, winner of the Slalom Catalunya PWA World Cup.

  • Winner of a World Tour event using a board that you shaped: what about your sensations the day after this wonderful win in Costa Brava?

Amazing! After some thought I believe that I am the first commercial designer/shaper in the history of the sport to use his own shape win a PWA World Cup event, so this achievement is a big honour and I feel very grateful. A big thanks to all those who have supported me over the years, you all know who you are…

Hard work, months of designs, prototypes and testing…is this a “new beginning” for your athlete career or do you feel more motivated to push even more as a shaper.

Honestly at 43 my athletic career is not the #1 focus anymore, so the straight answer is that I am more motivated to push my shaping and R&D career, but hey I am still competing today so I’ll try to push as hard as ever to realize my goals on the water while I am still at the start line!

However the hard work to try and make the best boards will continue full power, I love the technical challenge the modern art brings to the table, onward and upward.

  • You made “the perfect straight”, winning all your elimination heats and on the 5th day you continued winning the final. Did you use the same board trim for the final or you’ve changed something?

The ‘perfect straight’, true! I was very disappointed that the first final was called off as I had a big lead, so it was quite a build up mentally the next day to repeat it all again, so I’m happy it worked out.

As soon as I completed my first heat I felt the ‘hyper speed’, so I checked off immediately those settings and didn’t change 1mm for the rest of the heats and following day…

  • Which board did you use to perform this way in such light winds?

2018 WCSL 139, a magic board!

  • This question comes from our customers: whats the best trim for this board? Is there any “secret” to make it perform as we saw in Costa Brava?

No secrets because the base design I feel is very good, but some small tips include using a smaller fin than normal (even at 104 kilos my biggest size in 7-11 knots is 47), then the mast track is just forward of middle (not all the way back as this is a common mistake), that’s it simply plug and play, and enjoy!

Thanks for the interview. Good Sailing !

Photos by John Carter/PWA

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