I-99 wave and freestyle-wave news weapons 2019 boards are just arrived, and our pretty excited French team have decided to get some real actions sessions without delay, at the Portuguese famous wave-riding spot: Guincho.

For those who don’t already know that spot, Guincho is a beautiful beach at few kilometers of the capital Lisbon.
Well knowed for his strong thermical wind blowing quite regularly in summer, and his nice powerful beach break wave, while many other European windsurf wave spots are rather quiet during this season.

So, 15 hours of road later, here we are in Guincho. We must be efficient, we only have five days to score, so let’s go for action !
And we are finally really happy to have decided to bring with us the freestyle-wave boards too, because wind and waves are not exactly what we expected…
With there quick start planning and there real fast speed abilities, it’s a real advantage to impact the first small choppy wave in front of the beach, and get some really nice air times!

No one in the team is a real killer in freestyle moves, but  with those kind of shape boards, even if you are basically a pure waverider like us, it’s easy to find the pop on flat water and achieve some flaka, shaka and all the others “aka” moves family…

Waves started to improve, and  in those intermediates conditions, we had particularly appreciate the new “Style Pro Wave” model. With his modern atypical compact shape, this board is an easy concentrate of performance.

I was personally stocked, however my little body size, how much this board was easy to put on the rail to make bottom turns. For a 95litters board, that’s pretty surprising…

Other thing to know about Guincho wind conditions rules, is that the wind has sometimes (and sadly more often than sometimes…) the bad habit to really start blowing quite late in the evening.
It will play a little bit with your nerves, and lot of windsurfers lose patience and leave the spot too early.
The advantage of this problem is that you can quietly enjoy your party night, you will be able to have a good sleep in the morning and arrive at the money time to enjoy the best conditions in the evening.
We strongly recommend you to visit the lively little neighboring town “Cascaïs”.
Particularly beautiful and festive at night, you will also find there some really good restaurants.
Our livers still remember, with some bitterness, this incredible restaurant where we serve meat unlimited… Not very recommendable in this period of vegetarian trend, but we had to sacrifice ourselves and our strong vegan convictions, to advance human science, and establish its gastric limits.

Fortunately for us and our body line, the real strong wind of Guincho has decided to appear on the spot.
And when I tell you “strong”, I mean 3.3m sail, maximum downhaul, over power ! (If  you’re familiar with the tempest conditions of Canary Islands PWA spots, like Pozo Izquierdo, that’s the same but starboard tack for jumping…).

In those kind of wind conditions, I’m always so happy to ride my little Chameleon 70… So easy to drive and master at surf, even if the conditions are difficult.

Pity the waves were good, but not as nice and big as the weather forecast let us dream. It was the only thing that missed to really enjoy the explosive full power bottom turn of the new KS 71.

The kind of powerful waves we used to see here, and where the KS would have perfectly fit to make the stylish and performance difference.

No matter if it wasn’t perfect, we took a lot of actions, sensations and good laughs as expected.
Our bodies have received enough blows for this time…

Windsurf trips with a good team of friends are always the best!

Words: Patrick Vigouroux – Action photos: Mathieu Pelikan / Siam Effect

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