• Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Ben van der Steen, 38 years old and pro windsurfer

  • Who inspired you to start windsurfing?

I was actually skateboarding a lot with a few friends and when they started windsurfing I also tried it and that was it…I was hooked for life!

  • You are what the windsurfing World consider a veteran of the Tour: thanks to your experience, is there something that you would change in the slalom format?

The slalom format is pretty good as it is only the under 12 knots slalom I do not think it looks good and am happy that for these conditions the foil is being introduced this year on Tour.

  • Can you describe a regular training day?

Regular training day would be gym or mountain bike in the morning and mostly windsurfing/testing /training in the afternoon .

  • Regarding trim equipment and training, are you extremely precise and meticulous…I mean “millimeter fanatic” or not?

Regarding my equipment as in tuning I am pretty precise specially with boards and fins I like them to be perfect .

The sails is not as exact as there its more about the movement of the rig and finding the right that is just that little bit better and sometimes tune battens if needed.

  • Do you like foiling? Do you think that foiling will be the future of windsurfing?

I do like foil and I think it will for sure get its place within the windsurf sport but for the moment it will of sure not take over the normal windsurfing.

  • Which boards do you ride? And which one is your fav?

Novenove 139,119, 99, 89 World Cup Slalom and for waves I use the 93 Chameleon.
I would say my favourite board is the 119 WCSL cause its so easy to ride and has a huge windrange, and off course the kameleon 93 wich is one off the best wave boards I have ever had .

  • Do you participate to the R&D of the new board models?

Yes I do test work for the R&D with Finian, Maciek and Ramon.

In my short time I have been on the brand we have been working on a few fun projects already like Foil racing board, free wave, free foil board and some construction testing.

  • Out of racing events months, every windsurfing day is “a training day” for you or you still like to enjoy sometimes a session in the water just for the pure pleasure of windsurfing? If yes, when you did it lately?

Yes I pretty much always enjoy my windsurfing. But the real fun sessions are in nice wave conditions.

In January I went to Cape Town were I had some fun sessions and of course here in Tarifa when the conditions start firing I leave the slalom equipment at home.

  • Do you like wave sailing?

Yes I really enjoy my wavesailing and will always try to go when the conditions are on.

  • Which is the move/jump that you mostly like?

My best jump is a backloop and really like to do them

  • What’s your goal for this year?

This year the goal is to fight for the podium on the PWA Slalom Tour

  • Is there something more you would say the the readers of “99flavor”?

I am really enjoying the i-99 boards and I believe that they are some of the best boards out there, with a different feeling to many others I have sailed: so pick one up and try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised!!!

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