Finian Maynard – Designer/Shaper/Technical Manager:

The Aero Pro foil race project has been exceptionally interesting from the start. The idea to have a board literally ‘flying’ through the air really sets the mind alive with concepts and thoughts much more in the aerodynamic arena, rather than the usual hydrodynamic thought processes that surround normal windsurfing boards.

Maciek Rutkowski POL-23 | Ben Van Der Steen NED-57 | Ramón Pastor E-72

In the early winter our team-rider Maciek Rutkowski came to Tarifa to discuss directly his ideas and experiences from this new discipline, Maciek came 2nd at the last PWA foil event in New Caledonia, so of course my ears were very open to learn what it was that he wanted for the upcoming season.

The result: the Aero Pro…a board born from a wide range of testing and modifying in many wind and sea conditions.

The testing was lead by Maciek with Ramon Pastor by his side on all sessions also giving good feedback, Ben van der Steen also participated, and the conclusion at the end was positive. This board has a unique bottom shape that screams ‘light wind upwind power generator’, with pronounced deep double concaves in the front that ‘funnel’ the air while flying creating lift. This design feature coupled with an increased front nose scoop rocker and very wide nose and tail outline help create the power to point upwind even in the lightest of breezes.

The second most important design feature are the rails, which are very different than slalom boards, as the board tends to predominately roll over to windward when going upwind and then go more flat when going downwind, so the bottom of the feet sit much more flat on the deck of the board versus a slalom style stance. This resulted in having a rail that was more evenly distributed in the curve to enable the rider to have a comfortable ride regardless of the board angle.

Maciek Rutkowski POL-23:

When designing and testing the new Aero Pro foil board line we were really focused to get all the basics right.

Foiling is almost a different sport than regular windsurfing, so to feel comfortable you need a bit of different stance, differently shaped rails etc.

Finian did a great job translating everything I asked for into the prototypes and right from the first try I knew we were right there and just had to do some fine tuning.

His racing experience and the fact he’s still on tour, makes the process soo much easier… We speak the same language and even when I don’t know how to explain certain things I feel, he always asks the right questions to get it out.

So the effect is pretty spectacular. Both the designs plane and start foiling in no wind (my tip for early planing on foil is to put the front foot in the strap even before starting to pump!) and the rail shape guarantees great comfort and good railing (in foiling we rail to the opposite side as “normal” windsurfing – to the windward side).

The board bounces off directly when you touch, and the sharp edges in front cut through the water like butter.

Overall I’m really stoked as these were the first products I got to develop for i-99, and straight away it’s a big success. Can’t wait for more!!

Ramón Pastor E-72:

I’m very happy to have been involved in the design and development of the new Aero Pro foil board with Finian, Macieck and Ben integrally done in Tarifa.

We had very good days for testing the prototypes in very different conditions so we could fine tune everything to make a really good competitive foil board.

Its strong points are the early takeoff, superb control in the air when flying, and the really good speed both in upwind and downwind.

Ben Van Der Steen NED-57:

The new Aero Pro is a really nice , easy and competitive foil raceboard. Its really comfortable to ride and very fast both upwind and downwind.

Its performance its really outstanding especially in lightwind where it shows its full potential.

After having spent many sessions on this board I am confident that I will be very competitive on the foil and I am sure that Ramón and Maciek will show some outstanding performances on the Aero Pro.

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