This hot summer the wind is a little bit absent on my Mediterranean home spots.

So when my girlfriend and I decide to go to Corsica for a little trip, I wasn’t sure if we could get enough good conditions for windsurfing…

So I decided to leave my long van, and all my complete wave riding quiver at the garage, and preferred to take the little city car of my girlfriend, and just one board and sail freeride quiver.

But without roof bars, and already with a bike folded in the trunk of the vehicle, difficult to add windsurfing gear …
And that’s when I probably had the best idea of my vacation: borrow the duo board of my friend Hervé!

Here we are… Only one small bag for the 129 litters Duo board, my biggest sail (5.4m Point7 “Spy” wave/freeride program), and my new foil to insure sailing in the light wind. (because yes you can put a foil on this semi-inflatable board!!)
All this sports equipment has magically found its place in the car, and 6 hours boat after we arrived in Corsica.

And contrary to my pessimistic predictions, the wind finally showed up quickly, and will allow us to windsurf several days.

The windsurf spots of Corsica are just beautiful ! Turquoise waters translucent and typical big round rocks everywhere…. These beaches and rocky points push the pleasure of windsurfing freeride to the next level!

Really simple and fast to prepare, the Duo board quickly attract the looks and curiosity of the other windsurfers of the spot.

I start the test in freeride version. The board is pretty light (same weight than an normal freeride board), and I’m really surprised how fast is the board.

Sensations are a little bit differents, but the performances are here ! Really impressed by the abilities of this semi-inflatable board, and I can tell you that I was not the only one: every time I stopped to take a break at the edge of the beach the guys come in turn to ask me questions about the board…
And when I finally put the foil on it, everybody was stocked.

This board really suited well with my freeride program foil. The shape/the volume/the positions of the footstraps are really goods for foiling easily with confidence and performance. The front inflatable part of the board is pretty interesting to reassure people who start in foil, allowing to land smoothly from the front of the board.

In the afternoon, the wind get stronger, and I put again the single fin to tickle the maximum performance of the board.

And I was again surprised that in strong wind the board still continue to accelerate, and accelerate, and accelerate! Like on slalom performance board, you have to put the maximum pressure on your back foot to make the board lift on the rear part, and you will push the board to the best of its speed.
Absolutely funny and enjoyable to be able to fight with other guys with pure slalom equipment, with a semi-inflatable board !

That’s not the initial program of the board, but I can also tell you now that it’s possible to do some speed-foward loops on the chops or some funcky old school freestyle moves with it…

Definitely a FUNNY BOARD !

Thank you my friend Hervé, you brightened my holidays!
(and special thanks to my friends Vincent and Jessica for their hospitality in Corsica).

Words and “phone” photos: Patrick Vigouroux and his girlfriend.

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