99Flavor Bulletin

99Flavor Bulletin is our new project, based on the idea to share with our community of riders, clients and fans, a wide variety of FLAVORS connected to entertainment and interesting contents.

Technical advises from our international team riders for gear trimming, action sequences and tips, as well as generic travel story’s with general topics will be the flavors that we like to share with you, linked to our brand spirit and daily activities.

We also will share a dedicated Fitness program for your training at all levels.

Least but not last, we could not stay away from our Italian culinary culture and we will dedicate a variety of food recipes that myself and the team will share along as to every local and traditional food from different Countries, easy to make everywhere you travel to.

All is captured by photo cameras or smartphones and supported by texts, mostly written by our Team riders. Stay tuned with our 99Flavor Bulletin as we will regularly update news and contents.

Enjoy the 99Flavors.

Cesare Cantagalli I-99

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